Wilder and Associates has a number of entrepreneurial ventures on the web. By essentially becoming our own customer, we understand what it is like to be on both sides of the development process. Our flagship properties are the Guides. In the always-evolving world of the Internet, the Guides allow us to experiment, to try out new marketing and advertising strategies and evaluate their performance. This experience ultimately benefits our clients by developing processes that work based on real world experience.

AutoGuide.net Story
AutoGuide.net was launched in 1997 as a used car classifieds service online. In late 1998 it was converted into an automotive directory. It remains one of the largest of its kind on the web. We began using AutoGuide.net as a test site for experimenting with affiliate programs and development of an online network, whereby the aggregation of smaller automotive websites could attract bigger advertisers. While it was a positive experience and had potential, it was slow going, as the web as a true advertising medium had still to hit the mainstream. While we have pulled back from those aggressive marketing efforts, the AutoGuide.net remains strong and profitable. Spin-off Guides, MotorcycleGuide.net and TruckGuide.net, have become significant pieces of our online Guides business.

Combining our success and experience with AutoGuide.net, and in conjunction with a client project, we developed TekGuide.net, a directory for the IT industry.

We are always interested in e-Business opportunities. We like to partner and build ventures online. If you want to partner with us or invest in our properties, contact us for more information.