Your company relies on the stability and accessibility of data. Wilder & Associates truly understands these needs and has taken the necessary steps to fulfill them. Our servers are stored at Q9 Networks' advanced network facility providing the latest in security and power systems. From hardened entrances and 24/7 onsite security personnel to biometric access controls, your data security is taken seriously. Electricity is supplied from two high voltage public access lines. In case of blackout, dual UPS backups and two redundant diesel power generators supply the facility with ample power.

Extensive security and power reliability along with Wilder & Associates' advanced servers and support staff make us the right choice for hosting your website.

Complete climate control is observed to ensure an optimal performance environment and advanced fire suppression systems are in place at all times and are monitored by the latest fire detection equipment.

Wilder & Associates maintains all of its services at Q9 including our disaster recovery solutions. A server backup of data in case of catastrophic loss ensures your company that critical data is always available regardless of circumstances.

What would happen to your company if every computer in your office was wiped out from a fire, theft, virus or otherwise? Data backups are necessary to protect your business from a catastrophic loss. Wilder can provide a customized solution to help you keep a copy of your data in our offsite location at the Q9 networks facility.

Contact us for more details on our hosting and disaster recovery options. Our staff will be happy to provide you with detailed information.