Since 1994, Wilder & Associates has been creating and managing innovative e-solutions for the international business community. Our clients have presented us with unique problems, which allowed us to create innovative solutions.

With our talented and experienced staff, we offer a broad range of services, including marketing, branding and design across all media: web, print, packaging, multi-media; secure web hosting, disaster recovery, and truly innovative programming solutions. We can build solutions from the ground up or work with existing designs, parameters, and websites.

Our core competencies are aggregation and integration. We understand the potential of small businesses and the Internet. We build tools and companies that allow small businesses to work together to get benefits larger businesses get simply by being big. We work with large companies to access the power of other small businesses and to access systems and tools that allow bricks & mortar businesses to interact easily with web businesses.

The integration of small and large entities, working together for mutual benefit; the integration of online and offline marketing, to work effectively together; the integration of front end design and back-end performance and stability, to support online business - that is what we do.

Please check out our Case Studies and review our Letters of Recommendation. We are always looking for progressive clients who will benefit from our services. Contact Us to find out more.