Wilder & Associates employs a simple, but extremely effective, approach to creating appropriate solutions for any project, whether online or offline.

Analyze / Assess Needs We cannot create a relevant solution if we don't know the lay of the land. We review the project from the perspective of the various stakeholders as well as the competitive environment in which the business functions. Once we understand the box, we can then understand which pieces need to stay in the box and how to break out of it effectively.
Plan An initial plan is developed, based on our needs assessment, to achieve the desired results.
Experiment There is no substitute for playing with ideas. It is the backbone of the creative process. What works for one company or one project will not necessarily work for another. It is critical to refine the plan based on real-world tests and experiments.
Refine Plan Once we've experimented, the plan is refined to incorporate our findings.
Implement The revised plan is implemented and then monitored for optimal results.
Q&A Once we've built the project, we must test it. This is critical initially, and measuring results is part of our on-going process. Marketing and especially marketing online is a constantly moving, dynamic process, incorporating learning as we go.